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Throwback Thursday: Grave Sight (Harper Connelly #1) by Charlaine Harris

Throwback Thursday is a book meme created by Renee (itsbooktalk) as a way to share your old favourites and reminisce about why you loved them so much.

This week I have chosen Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris, the first of a four-part series entitled Harper Connelly Mysteries.

Goodreads Synopsis

Harper Connelly has what you might call a strange job: she finds dead people. She can sense the final location of a person who’s passed, and share their very last moment. The way Harper sees it, she’s providing a service to the dead while bringing some closure to the living – but she’s used to most people treating her like a blood-sucking leech. Traveling with her step-brother Tolliver as manager and sometime-bodyguard, she’s become an expert at getting in, getting paid, and getting out fast. Because for the living it’s always urgent – even if the dead can wait (13)

Why I love this book

Unlike the Sookie Stackhouse series (True Blood), this series didn’t go on longer than it needed to. I actually found this book on my bookshelf with no clear idea of where I got it. I think my fiance’s dad gave it to me, but I can’t be sure. I was already a few into the Sookie Stackhouse series so I recognised Harris’s name.

The story was what drew me in. Harris seems to give her main protagonists an unusual ability that wouldn’t be considered the norm of what we come across in the real world, such as psychics and mediums. Sookie Stackhouse was a telepath, and Harper Connelly can find dead people and instantly discover how they died. Naturally her gift is met with scepticism, especially due to the fact that she requires payment for her services. We have this natural assumption that if you have to be paid for an otherworldly gift, you’re probably faking it.

I love Harper, and her step-brother Tolliver, who seems to attract women like magnets! Their bond really makes this book, and it was easy to relate to them as you discovered their less than desirable past. I couldn’t wait to tear through the rest of the series and I can assure you it doesn’t disappoint. This would make a fantastic TV series.



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